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Highlighting Connamara’s Highest Performing Social Posts of 2023

Explore the standout moments that defined Connamara’s social media landscape in 2023. From engaging stories to impactful content on LinkedIn, join us in revisiting our top-performing posts of the year.

  1. Our Decoder Series

Every one of our slideshows about different programming languages and how they are best applied to capital markets projects resonated with our audiences. But, these were our most viewed. 

  1. Our Coverage of the FIA Expo and The Innovators Pavilion

In October, Connamara was the exclusive sponsor of The Innovators Pavilion at FIA Expo in Chicago. We loved hearing all of the future-proof solutions from up-and-coming start-ups and creators. 

  1. Employee Swag

In honor of our website update and brand refresh, we gave Connamarians money to spend at our own Swag Store. What they designed was incredible, and our LinkedIn followers agreed. 

  1. Success Story: A Renewable Energy Start Up Releases Environmental Commodities & Post Trade Settlement Platform

This case study was widely reposted and viewed by our network. Click here to read how Connamara helped transform this renewable energy startup on our website.

  1. Our Client Universe

When Connamara updated our website and brand identity, we were thrilled to share our new “Client Universe,” – a visualization of the types of clients and businesses we serve. The interactive graphic on our site is worth a clickthrough to get the full scope. 

  1. Special Events

Attending a Cubs game with ClearChannel in Wrigleyville must have given our followers some FOMO. Not to mention our time at the FIX AMERICAS cocktail hour this month. 

  1. Halloween Contest Results

It had to be the pugs as Wednesday and Pugsley from the Addams Family. Either that or our LinkedIn connections were loving our employee costumes and decorations. It was spooky just how many engagements this post got. 

  1. National Work-from-Home Week

As a lot of the world went RTO (Return-to-Office), Connamara shared photos of our various workspaces around the world: from Argentina to Austin. 

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