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Trading Applications

The term Trading Application can take many meanings. It can mean a trading user interface or a “back-end” system that connects traders to exchanges and market data. It can mean an automated systems that allows the trader to scale a strategy across many markets and asset classes. Of the solutions meeting these definitions, Connamara has designed and built them all.

Trading User Interfaces

Connamara has built to our client’s specifications Trading User Interfaces for manual trading on desktop computers, mobile devices for iPhone and iPad, and web browsers using HTML5 and JavaScript. Our engineers and designers can work with our clients to enhance the user experience of the delivered solution.

Examples of Our Work

For Zlantrader, Connamara worked with the founder to implement the unique design of his trading application. Zlantrader is a trading user interface that leverages the order routing, exchange connectivity, and risk management services provided by the CQG Continuum platform.

Originally designed for the desktop, Connamara implemented later versions for the Apple iPad and iPhone. Connamara also provides ongoing development and support for the application.

For our client  MarketDelta, we created MarketDelta Trader a desktop application allowing traders to enter orders and interact with the proprietary Footprint Chart. Connamara also provided the integration services to allow MarketDelta Trader to connect to exchanges via CQG ContinuumTrading TechnologiesRithmic, and Gain Capital Futures, LLC . Connamara also provides ongoing development and support for the application.

The CME Group asked Connamara to design and develop the Futures Institute. The Futures Institute is an integrated learning experience and trading simulator. Connamara build the trading simulator and learning experience using Ruby on Rails with HTML5 and JavaScript. The website and trading simulator is works on any modern browser and responsive to mobile devices. Connamara also provides ongoing devops for the the Futures Institute.

Back-End Systems

Back-End Systems generally provide the services and infrastructure to move an order from an application (either a click-trading user interface or an automated process) to the trading venue for execution. The services that back-end systems provide include risk management, order management, execution management, exchange connectivity, authentication and entitlements, and market data distribution. Connamara has built systems with all of these services.

Examples of Our Work

The best example of a back-end systems delivered by Connamara is RCG Onyx Plus for Rosenthal Collins Group (RCG). The Onyx project was originally started as a trading user interface integrated with patsystems back-end services. The business goal of the project was to create a new trading experience for the user that would differentiate RCG from their competitors.  Once the user interface was completed, RCG engaged Connamara to design and implement a back-end system specifically for the RCG Onyx user interface. Connamara designed and implemented the RCG Onyx back-end system and integrated the newly released RCG Onyx trading client giving RCG their own proprietary trading platform.

Automated Systems

Automated Systems allow traders to either scale their trading strategies across multiple markets and asset classes. Typical automated systems either connect directly to the trading venues or to a broker platform. Connamara has built automated trading systems for futures, FX, and equities.

Examples of Our Work

Our Client OnTrading, after using off-the-shelf trading platforms decided that they needed a purpose built platform to automate their equities trading strategies. OnTrading engaged Connamara to build and deliver a platform that enabled them to execute their strategy over several hundred equity names.

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