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Real-Time Systems

Connamara specializes in delivering large scale, highly-available, distributed systems. Quality is assured through the use of agile development methods. Connamara is obsessive about test driven development, automated testing and continuous integration.

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Platform Agnostic

Connamara is platform agnostic when approaching a project, always looking for the best tools, frameworks, programming languages and operating systems to arrive at the best solution for the client.

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Connamara merges Agile values, principles, tools, methods and practices to provide holistic support to ongoing projects. By making operations a “first class citizen” during the design and development process, clients are delivered systems with the highest level of operational quality.

Connamara’s development methods, expertise in markets and financial technology, and long-term track record, were the major reasons we decided to work with Connamara Systems. Third-party vendors and other consulting firms didn’t offer the flexibility or the comprehensive suite of automated testing and agile methodologies we knew we needed.

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