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Connamara delivers hundreds of projects around the globe, serving capital markets and financial services companies. We’re passionate about sharing our perspectives on trends, methodologies, software solutions, historical data, and industry news to help our clients and peers understand how technology can innovate their businesses.

How Our Acceptance Tests Safeguard Complex Systems

By Kevin Siamis Capital markets operate within intricate systems comprising trading platforms, data feeds, and regulatory frameworks. Yet, modifying these.

Connamara’s Global Reach

At Connamara, our mission is simple: to help businesses worldwide realize their capital markets and custom software goals. While our.

How Custom Software Solutions Revolutionize Algo Trading 

What is Algo Trading? Algorithmic trading uses computer algorithms to automate the trading process, from market analysis to order execution..

Connamara COO Mike Gatny Appears on the Venture Unscripted Podcast

Last month, our COO, Mike Gatny, connected with Grand Rapids-based product innovations and venture studio, City Innovations, to chat with.

Unleashing the Power of Multilingual Programming: Empowering Polyglottal Developers

Kevin Siamis breaks down our tech stack strategy.

What is Burrito Day? A Connamara Tradition

Burrito Day is a Connamara tradition dating back to 2008 that is so important to our culture that Connamarians have.

2023: Connamara’s Year in Review

As we celebrate a quarter-century of Connamara’s journey, 2023 marked a year of remarkable achievements and continued growth. It was.

Highlighting Connamara’s Highest Performing Social Posts of 2023

Explore the standout moments that defined Connamara’s social media landscape in 2023. From engaging stories to impactful content on LinkedIn,.

.NET: Decoded

What’s the best use of .NET? Is the language outdated or just right for your legacy system? At Connamara, we’re.

The Connamara 2023 Gift Guide

This holiday season at Connamara, we wanted to share some of our favorite products we’ve tried this year with our.

C++: Decoded

What’s the best use of C++? Is the language outdated or just right for your legacy system? At Connamara, we’re.

C: Decoded

What’s the best use of C? Is the language outdated or just right for my legacy system? At Connamara, we’re.

Cheers to 25 Years: 4 Signature Connamara Cocktails

As we raise our glasses to 25 years of innovation, growth, and success, we’re excited to toast this milestone and.

Connamara Announces QuickFIX/Go v0.9.0 Now With Support for Golang v1.21, Weekday Configurations, and MessageStore Enhancements

November 15, 2023 Connamara, a leading provider of advanced technology solutions for the financial industry, is excited to unveil the.

Connamara FAQ: Your Top Questions, Answered

In our 25 years in business, we’ve answered every question potential clients can come up with. But we’ve never taken.

Rust: Decoded

Connamara prides itself on having a stable of polyglottal programmers ready to tackle your next custom software project. But, our.

CEO Jim Downs on John Lothian News (JLN)

This October, the FIA EXPO 2023, in which Connamara hosted the Innovators Pavilion, our CEO, Jim Downs, was interviewed by.

Is Your Team Agile, Or Are You “Doing Agile”? You Should Worry If Management Doesn’t Know the Difference

“Agile” has become a buzzword—an adjective over a mindset. In the 2020s, every company wants to say they’re Agile or.

Golang: Decoded

Our engineering team often gets asked which programming languages are right for certain projects. While we have a diverse tech.

Connamara’s Q3 Triumphs: A Season of Growth and Innovation

As Connamara heads toward the end of 2023, we’d like to take a moment to look back and share the.

Connamara Announces QuickFIX/n 1.11.0 Now with Enhanced Sequence Number Support and Conversion Between the FIX Trading Community’s JSON Encoding for FIX Protocol 

October 12, 2023 Connamara, a leading provider of advanced technology solutions for the financial industry, is thrilled to unveil the.

Connamarians Celebrate International Podcast Day with Our Top 15 Picks

In honor of International Podcast Day, Connamarians wanted to share our recommendations for our favorite audios. From inspiring interviewers and.

They Call it “Feature Creep.” We Call it Creative Collaboration. Don’t Let Work-Shy Developers Hinder Your Custom Software Solutions

Don’t be afraid to change your mind. Changing one’s mind is a part of human nature. In software development, shifting.

Quan2m Podcast: Coding the Finance of Today with Jim Downs

Jim Downs interview with Allison Mahmood, Quan2m Podcast

Embracing the Remote Revolution: Our Journey as a Remote-First Company

Labor Day Special: Celebrating a Work Culture That Knows No Boundaries As we gather around the virtual breakroom on this.

Video: Careers at Connamara

Are you ready to join the team that's revolutionizing the way the world trades? Connamara is looking for talented individuals like.

Books That Shaped Connamara

In honor of National Book Lover’s Day (August 9), we asked our leadership team what books made the most impact.

CEO Insights: When to Buy and When to Build Software for Your Business

Buy it or build it? It’s the first decision enterprises must make when bringing in new software solutions. As a.

25 Business Lessons from 25 Years in Business

We reached out to our team members for timeless lessons learned in 25 years in business.

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