Systems Integration

Systems Integration is the process allowing two or more separate software systems to exchange data and leverage the services of other platforms to create added value for the user. Connamara is an expert in integrating systems used in Capital Markets. We have integrated exchanges to trading partners and clearing organizations, automated trading systems with market data and trading platforms, and order management systems with brokers and trading counterparties.

Exchange Integration

Eris Exchange is an Designated Contract Market that lists and trades Interest Rate Swap futures., For Eris, Connamara built the infrastructure to integrate the third party matching engine with the clearing provided by CME clearing, the regulator compliance provided by the National Futures Association and exchange member back office systems.

With this integration, Eris was able to leverage a third party matching engine to bring their exchange to market more quickly.

Automated Trading Systems Integration

Many of our clients are experts at designing trading strategies that generate buy and sell signals. They use various applications to generate these signals; anything from spreadsheets, to DIY applications written in different scripting languages, to third party platforms. Most of these clients find that their time is better spent devising and programming new trading strategies rather than integrating the strategies with a platform to convert the buy or sell signal into order that can be sent to an electronic trading venue for execution.

 Example of Our Work

Prescient Ridge Management (PRM) was a Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) offering managed futures products. As part of their strategy, they used a third party platform, TradeStation, to generate buy and sell signals from their strategy. PRM engaged Connamara to integrate the TradeStation with the CQG Continuum platform. With this integration, PRM could leverage the market data, order routing, exchange connectivity, and risk management to convert the buy and sell signals to executable orders.

Connamara created a solution to convert the buy and sell signals to order that were routed to CQG Continuum. Connamara also integrated the platform with the PRM proprietary back office for trade allocation, books and records.

With this solution in place PRM was able to automate and scale their trading activity to include over one hundred trading strategies.

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