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We understand capital markets and financial services participants are constantly confronted with new challenges in a volatile, evolving landscape. Trust Connamara’s problem solvers and creative strategists to transform your business and deliver tangible results.

If Your Enterprise Demands It, We Can Develop It

Backed by industry credibility and capital markets expertise, Connamara’s financial technology solutions are completely customized to fit your business. From ground-up design to bespoke enhancements, we don’t reuse, retrofit or recycle solutions.

Trading Technology

Connamara’s custom-built trading platforms and tools are architected to transform the user experience, streamline compliance, elevate the agent/broker process, and automate post-trade and back-office capabilities. Our programming-language-neutral developers pinpoint the exact technology to suit our clients’ needs.

  • Institutional Trading
  • Retail Trading
  • Algo Trading
  • Block Trading
  • Trade Execution
  • Pre- and Post-Trade Risk

Exchange Technology

Execute your vision for reliable, high-performance exchange technology. Our transformative and future-proof solutions engage test-driven development, automated testing, and continuous integration to architect enterprise solutions.

  • Exchange Platforms
  • Matching Engines
  • Auction Platforms
  • Alternative Trading Systems (ATS)
  • Central Limit Order Books
  • Request For Quote (RFQ) Mechanisms

RegTech and Compliance

New regulatory requirements, security protocols, and enhanced oversight demand organizations adapt their technology to maintain compliance. Connamara innovates financial solutions to help our clients achieve customer trust and regulatory approval.

  • US Regulatory Reporting
  • MiFID
  • Position Reporting
  • Trade Tracking
  • Client Data
  • Tax Reporting

Data Management

Our experienced team understands the importance of data to drive insights and outperform competitors. Whether designing a custom solution or enhancing a legacy program, Connamara thinks out of the box when it comes to creating complex analytics technology and services. We deliver solutions designed to keep your data available and online.

  • Portfolio Management
  • Back Office Processing
  • Index Generation
  • Data Collection and Distribution Data Analytics
  • Payments

Systems Integration

Our decades-long history of engagement in evolving financial technology ecosystems means our team possesses unmatched experience working with multiple platform APIs, protocols, messaging systems, and more. We empower clients to augment existing systems with seamless integration.

We integrate systems with:

  • Exchanges
  • Clearinghouses
  • Market Data
  • ISVs
  • FIX
  • Banks and Financial Institutions

Optimization, Automation, and Containerization

From on-site systems optimization to launching cloud-based applications, Connamara appreciates the depth and scope of your business objectives. We will help architect the most beneficial financial technology solutions. Our trading know-how and 25-year history of implementing Connamara Agile unlocks our clients’ digital transformation potential.

  • Agile Consulting
  • Automated Test Creation
  • Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment
  • Cloud Migration
  • Containerization
  • Performance Optimization
  • Settlement Automation

Our Tech Stack Knowledge and Experience

Connamara’s engineers are the architects of the possible. Our broad technical experience across many frameworks and programming languages allows us to build your solution using the most optimal tech stack.


A Climate-Focused Business Development Firm Engages Traders With Environmental Trading Interface

A rapidly growing business development startup specializing in exchange-traded products in environmental markets was impressed by Connamara’s prior custom solutions services for the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX).

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Enterprise Latin American Services Company, LarrainVial, Expands Electronic Trading Infrastructure

LarrainVial is a long-standing financial institution in Latin America, serving 50,000 clients in Chile, Columbia, Peru, and Miami with 17.1 billion assets under management. Connamara was keen to assist with their needs when they reached out through a word-of-mouth referral.

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Harbor Capital Analyzes Real-Time Data With Custom-Built Bloomberg Dashboard

Harbor Capital, a leading investment management firm with over 49.2B assets under management, was connected with Connamara by their sales representative at Bloomberg.

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Watershed Technologies Launches Auction-Style ATS Platform In A Matter of Months

Watershed Technologies, an alternative trading system services startup, contacted Connamara through an industry referral. The company sought to build a proprietary trading technology platform instead of relying on existing fee-taking and antiquated third-party systems. Connamara’s FIX Connectivity expertise and deep experience in capital markets made us a naturally attractive partner.

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Connamara Designs and Supports American Financial Exchange’s (AFX) Interbank Loan Exchange Platform Ahead of 7RIDGE Acquisition

The American Financial Exchange (AFX) is a self-regulated exchange for direct lending and borrowing for American banks and financial institutions that provides a transparent, centralized, and rules-based electronic platform. The exchange has a growing network of over 1,000 banks and financial institutions, specifically focusing on regional, midsize, community, and minority-owned banks – representing 25% of the U.S. banking sector’s total assets. This innovative exchange platform was built by Connamara and launched in 2015.

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Morgan Stanley Investment Management (MSIM)

MSIM tasked Connamara with the design and implementation of a highly-available execution management system (EMS) integrated with their in-house OMS to support multiple asset types. Applying extensive financial industry expertise to our collaborative process resulted in a successful software delivery that helped MISM overcome challenges at the intersection of their technology stack and organizational procedures.

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