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Unveiling Our Next Chapter: Discover Connamara’s Revamped Website and Brand Identity, Celebrating 25 Years of Excellence 

You may have noticed that we recently changed our look. After months of designing and planning, we’re excited to unveil Connamara’s rebranding. 

Why the Change?

Since our founding in 1998 as a one-person operation in Chicago, Connamara has grown into a leading custom software development company renowned for its contributions to the financial technology landscape. As an early adopter of Agile and a co-originator of QuickFIX, our company’s longevity is a testament to our deep understanding of trading and markets, establishing the company as a trusted partner in the industry. 

But all good companies must adapt. Hence, to celebrate our 25th anniversary, we’ve refreshed our brand identity and website to reflect the up-to-date solutions, technology, and approach we have to offer our broad range of global and enterprise clients. 

Step into a new chapter with Connamara as we proudly unveil our revamped website, brand identity, and logo, commemorating 25 years of software engineering excellence. Join us in celebrating this significant milestone as we showcase our commitment to innovation and client success through an enhanced digital experience.

A Brand Identity That Reflects Our Values and Vision 

When designing our new logo and color scheme, we wanted to bring in symbolism that speaks to where we’ve been and where we are going. 

  • We got our start at the Chicago Board of Trade trading pits. These octagonal open outcry trading pits inspired our new logo’s honeycomb shape. 
  • We take our namesake from the storied West Ireland region of Connemara. This new logo evokes Celtic knots seen in decorative art worldwide for thousands of years.
  • We pride our software engineers as “architects of the possible.” Our logo also evokes a gear reflecting our agility, progress, and innovation. 

Our Color Story

Our leadership team was inspired by the racing stripes of cars seen in Formula One Racing, specifically the 2022 Aston Martin Livery. The branding and business lessons from this elite sport are undeniable and fit with Connamara’s vision for the next 25 years. 

In Formula One, every millisecond counts toward a driver’s success. Mechanics and drivers dedicate hours to a single race and are devoted to going faster and being perfect – like Connamara Agile’s commitment to automated testing and test-driven development. 

Formula One’s commitment to technological excellence – when designing 1,500 lb cars that go up to 220 mph – is awe-inspiring. At Connamara, we believe innovative solutions with cutting-edge technology is the commitment we make to our clients.

Our Name

To differentiate from Connamara Technologies, our new product-based company offering matching engine technology, we have decided to drop the “Systems” from our original name. 

Going forward, we will be referred to as Connamara, but our customers can call us whatever they’d like!

New Website Features That Highlight Connamara’s Unique Market Positioning

  • Solutions: Explore Connamara’s cutting-edge financial technology solutions and tech stack, completely customized to client needs. Offerings include trading technology, exchange technology, regulatory technology and compliance, data management, systems integration and optimization, automation, and containerization. 
  • Success Stories: Learn about real-world case studies and how Connamara has helped more than 200+ clients solve their most complicated challenges by providing innovative, transformative solutions. 
  • Clients: Discover the breadth of Connamara’s client universe using our interactive solar system graphic, which explores our esteemed client base ranging from enterprise financial institutions to emerging fintech companies. 
  • Approach: Gain insights into Connamara Agile, a proven project management and software development methodology, and experience Connamara’s Customer Journey. 
  • Careers: Connamara’s people-first culture has always been in our DNA. An updated careers page now explores all the benefits of our 100% remote workplace. 
  • News & Insights: Browse Connamara’s updated blog showcasing its deep understanding of the changing financial technology landscape and sign up for our new monthly newsletter. 

What does this mean for our customers? 

Our goal is to give our customers a holistic view of the capital markets and financial services solutions we offer. We’ve also focused our new website to clarify the client types and industries we serve. 

What isn’t changing?

We’re the same Connamara that over two hundred global companies have trusted to design, develop and deliver custom software solutions.

“The launch of our new website during our 25th year is the culmination of unwavering commitment and tremendous effort from everyone who has played a part in building this company. This exciting rebranding  symbolizes our continued efforts to provide our clients and prospective clients  even more impactful and seamless interaction with our services. I would like to extend my sincere thanks to the current and past ‘Connamarians’ for their loyalty, dedication and hard work. I would also like to express a deep gratitude to our valued clients whose trust and confidence in us has been instrumental to Connamara’s growth and success.”

– Jim Downs, Founder & CEO of Connamara.

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