The Connamara Client Engagement Philosophy – Part 6

Philosophy 5:

Decline projects when the client can’t grasp the concept of iterative releases (no big bangs)

Some of our potential clients want to give us a fully specified project to undertake, where the expectation is that we build to that specification and deliver in one big bang a finished product.


When we see this, we immediately feel that there is a mismatch between our development methodology and the client expectations. A client who thinks this way is assuming that they know 100% what problem they are trying to solve or what opportunity they are trying to capture.

Our approach to delivering solutions to our clients is to assume that neither Connamara nor the client 100% understand the problem or the opportunity and that the client is willing to learn and adapt along the way to deliver a better solution. To play to this assumption of continuous learning during a project, we break the project down into smaller amounts of work that march us toward the solution. Each of the smaller units of work is designed to deliver some value to the client either through delivered functionality or better knowledge as to the problem at hand. This approach affords Connamara and the client the optionality to adjust course.

We feel that delivering value in smaller iterations is the best approach for creating custom solutions for our clients. When a client insists on a big bang delivery or is not amenable to our approach we will decline the project.

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