The Connamara Client Engagement Philosophy – Part 5

Philosophy 4:

Identify and explain project risks to the client before accepting a project

All software projects entails risk. Be it a ground up custom build, an implementation of an “off-the-shelf” product for a customer, a modification of existing software, or a rebuild of a legacy system (make it do this — just better).


Connamara has nearly two decades experience in delivering solutions for our clients. That experience puts Connamara in a position to both identify the path to success and, just as importantly, identify project risks. But having the experience to recognize the risks is not enough. What is really needed is the courage to layout the risks to the client as early as possible in the sales cycle. Doing so could cost us the sale.

Discussing project risks upfront with our clients helps establish a rapport of honesty. The discussion demonstrates to the client that we have their interests in mind and that we will be honest and open during the course of the project and not just looking for the sale.


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