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Cheers to 25 Years: 4 Signature Connamara Cocktails

As we raise our glasses to 25 years of innovation, growth, and success, we’re excited to toast this milestone and one of the best holidays one can celebrate, Drinksgiving – the boozy night before Thanksgiving.

We tasked our Senior Business Analyst and resident mixologist, Danny Katz, to mix business with pleasure and devise four delightful concoctions that anyone who imbibes can enjoy at their home bar this holiday season.

The Connamara Way

Inspired by a phrase our team members use to describe how we imbue our values into every aspect of business, Katz calls this cocktail “Dark, mysterious, and lasting.” After years of refining the recipe, this booze-forward potion is most similar to an Old Fashioned with its Luxardo cherry garnish and rocks glass classiness.

Make your own rich demerara syrup by combining two parts demerara sugar with one part water over the stovetop and heat until combined. Not much is needed (one barspoon for stiff, two for sweet) to make this cocktail catered to your taste!

Danny Katz, cocktail curator

Cloud Dev Sour

This sweet, sour, and bitter coupe glass-concoction is Katz’s teal take on a Pisco Sour. The addition of Blue Curaçao liqueur recalls our new brand identity (unveiled in July 2023), and the cloud on top represents our cloud computing expertise. The tangy flavor adds an unforgettable element that recalls just how “sharp” our engineers are when it comes to cloud technology. Use a champagne glass if a coupe glass isn’t on your bar cart.

Pro-tip: Shake like you mean it! To properly emulsify the egg white and cocktail, the dry shake must be vigorous and twice as long as you think you need. Don’t be scared to work with egg whites! Crack the egg in half and over the shaker, toss the egg yolk back and forth a few times between the two half shells, and the egg white will fall into the tin.

Danny Katz, Cocktail Curator

Aloha Agile

Your guests will feel as if they’re sitting shoreside as soon as they sip this all-too-impressive white rum inebriant. The swirls are meant to represent Connamara’s commitment to Agile Project Development – “addicting!”

Try to pour the Blue Curaçao slowly along the inside rim of the glass. The smaller the ice, the more interesting a pattern the mixture will create. Additionally, the colder the drink will stay – essential for this sweet concoction!

Danny Katz, Cocktail Curator

The Connamara Cooler

For a light, bubbly, refreshing drink with a shocking blue color, double Danny’s recipe below. This one goes down quickly, so pace yourself as you down this light and electric delight!

Use the biggest wine glass you’ve got and double the recipe! Add more blue curaçao or some simple syrup if you want it sweeter, this recipe is built to be extremely light and refreshing with low sugar

Danny Katz, Cocktail Curator

This Drinksgiving, join us in raising a glass (or 3 or 4) to 25 years of success, growth, and transformation. These exclusive cocktails, curated by Danny Katz, are a tribute to our journey and the exciting path that lies ahead.

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