FixSpec launch FIX Workspace: A new integrated tool for FIX API development

FixSpec is excited to announce the launch of a new connectivity App called FIX Workspace, which brings FIX logs, digital spec-editing, and customer support tooling into a single, secure application. With the app due to go live on the 19th of July, the company is pleased to announce its first customer, Connamara Systems, who were a large part of the beta testing process.

FIX Workspace lets connectivity teams build next-generation, digital FIX documentation quickly and easily; importing from logs or an existing Word file, and enriching from the FIX standards. This integrated tool also features a smart parser, integrated documentation editor, and secure way of sharing documentation with your customers and internal teams. We believe it’s the first integrated tool for FIX API development, QA, and customer support.

Jim Downs, CEO of Connamara, said

“Connamara has a long history in FIX, being one of the originators of the QuickFIX project. As we continue to innovate our EP3 exchange platform, the ability to quickly connect customers via FIX is vital. FIX Workspace is a powerful tool which lets us write and maintain FIX documentation easily, creating QuickFIX data dictionaries as we go. From here, we can ensure that customers receive the correct version in a user-friendly format as well as use the integrated parser to troubleshoot issues. We look forward to using the FIX Workspace as we deliver efficient FIX connectivity for our EP3 customers.”

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About FixSpec

FixSpec creates software and process solutions to help banks, trading venues, and software vendors make FIX connections faster, automate manual processes, and provide a much better customer experience.

About Connamara Systems, LLC

For over 22 years, Connamara has been fulfilling the business needs of capital markets clients by combining certainty of delivery with the highest possible quality. Its clients include innovative new marketplaces as well as leading global exchanges who rely on Connamara for the breadth of its domain knowledge and engineering expertise in market structure, trading, and system design. Connamara’s latest version of its platform, EP3, was released in March 2019. Built from the ground up utilizing Connamara’s best practices for design, testing, configuration, and deployment, EP3 offers extraordinary speed, resiliency, scalability, and self-healing capabilities.