FIX Trading Community appoints Jim Downs to GTC Governance Board

Connamara Systems is pleased to announce Jim Downs, Founder and CEO, has been appointed to the Global Technical Committee Governance Board (GTC) of the FIX Trading Community.

The FIX Trading Community is responsible for maintaining the FIX Protocol that is the standard for electronic communication in capital markets.

The GTC Governance Board reviews and approves enhancements to the protocol to ensure that such updates benefit the industry as a whole and uphold one of the essential pillars of the FIX Trading Community mission, to create and maintain robust open standards across the whole ecosystem from pre-trade to market data to settlement.

Connamara has been a long-time supporter of the FIX community as co-creator and maintainer of the open source FIX libraries QuickFIX, QuickFIX/n, QuickFIX/go, QuickFIX/j. Connamara offers support and consulting for adopters of QuickFIX.

About Connamara Systems, LLC Connamara, the leading provider of matching engine technology for startup exchanges and e-commerce marketplaces, provides commercial support for all versions of QuickFIX (C++, C#, Java, and Go). QuickFIX, the market leading open source technology, is continually evolving to meet the needs of the industry, and combined with enterprise support from Connamara Systems, provides firms operating in the capital markets the confidence needed to remain ahead of the ever evolving technology and regulatory landscape. Connamara practices agile software development and project management methods and has over 20 years of experience successfully delivering complex, distributed systems to the most demanding customers in the financial markets.