Connamara is a co-originator of the open-source project QuickFIX and an official maintainer of the project. We offer a broad range of support and integration services around QuickFIX and all flavors of FIX. Connamara Systems has been involved with QuickFIX since the earliest days of the original C++ project in late 2001 — learn more about our history with QuickFIX.

Connamara provides services to enhance the core QuickFIX project to include new functionality. We also provide design and implementation services for applications that embed the QuickFIX library. These applications fall into five distinct categories:

A FIX Dropcopy Adapter is used to connect a client system to an exchange or counterparty for the purpose of receiving details of trades that have been executed on the exchange in the name of the client. Typically, the client system will use the trade reports for some downstream process like post-trade risk management or position reconciliation.

A FIX Market Data Adapter manages the connection to a market data service (exchange or third party market data provider) and subscribes to a set of instruments on the exchange for the purpose of receiving real-time updates of market data. The market data received by the adapter may be top-of-book, trades, depth-of-market, or market status updates — or possibly all four.

A FIX Order Routing Adapter connects a client order source (OMS, EMS, Algo Trading Platform) to an execution venue or broker for the purpose of submitting orders to buy or sell a tradable instrument. A FIX order routing adapter will translate the order messages from the client order source protocol to the venue/counterparty specific version/flavor of FIX. A FIX order adapter will comply with the venue/counterparty’s rules of engagement and expect to receive from the venue/counterparty order state changes. The order state changes will include order statuses and reports of fills against the submitted orders.

A FIX to FIX project connects a client system to another system via a FIX interface. Typically there is translation between FIX versions and “flavors.”

This project is similar to a FIX Dropcopy project. Inbound FIX messages are translated and normalized; however, in this case the outbound message is another version/flavor of FIX.

A FIX to Storage project connects a target system to a data store at the client site.

This project is similar to a FIX Dropcopy project and the FIX to FIX projects. Inbound FIX messages from the target system are translated and normalized; however, in this case the outbound information is stored in a client database rather than being translated to another version of FIX or converted to another serialization protocol.