EP3 is our advanced exchange platform and matching engine technology. It represents the accumulated knowledge and experience from successful deliveries of implementations since 2008.


EP3 provides all the functionality and services to launch an exchange.

Provides the central limit order book matching buyers to sellers on a price time priority.

Manages tradable instruments and book creation, deletion, and state changes.

Maintains a record of order state and history. Manages workflows for Request for Quotes and Auctions.

Listens for book events to produce trades with buyer and seller information for clearing and settlement.

Manages users, market participants, participant groupings, and participant suspension.

Encapsulates the pre-book risk checks for instrument states, absolute and relative price limits, order size limits, currency balance and position size checks.

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EP3 exposes several application program interfaces (API) to allow customers to enter orders, receive market data, and subscribe to drop copies. These include industry standards such as FIX (Financial Information eXchange), GRPC (Google Remote Procedure Calls) using Google Protocol Buffers, and REST.

Allows client applications to send orders and receive market data via Google protocol buffers.
Supports C/C++, Java, C#/.NET, Python, Go, Javascript and more.

A FIX endpoint allowing connected clients to send and manage orders and access RFQ functionality.

Presents a FIX endpoint to allow connected clients to receive market data via the FIX protocol.

Allows client applications to administer and operate the exchange.

  • Contribution – allows custom indices to be published on the market data feed.
  • Clearing & Settlement – Exposes information necessary to integrate with clearing houses and back office systems for post-trade processing.

Exposes basic user and service authentication services.

The REST API exposes EP3 functionality as a RESTful web service.

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EP3 can be deployed in a hot primary / hot secondary, warm disaster recovery configuration. A failure in one matching engine will be recovered automatically by restarting a new instance of the engine.


EP3 can scale horizontally by the addition of new matching engines to accommodate increases in trading activity. Matching engines can be added dynamically in real time during the trading day.


EP3 is designed with performance in mind. The EP3 matching engine can sustain an order rate of over 120,000 orders per second at a sub-8 microsecond average latency.


EP3 offers the latest in application containerization and orchestration technologies. This means that EP3 can be deployed to any cloud provider and/or to any customer on-premise data center.


The EP3 matching engine is agnostic to the asset class being traded. This means that EP3 can handle run-of-the-mill futures, options, swaps, securities, and cash instruments but also commodities and intangible assets, like lumber, bankruptcy claims, intellectual property rights, sports gaming, just to name a few.


By exposing a robust set of application programming interfaces, EP3 can be extended and customized to fit the needs of any exchange or marketplace.

Trade Practice
FIX Drop Copy, Admin

Pre-trade risk for Interest Rate Swaps
Admin API

Clearing and Settlement of Interest Rate Swaps
Admin API- Clearing

Clearing and Settlement of Interest Rate Swaps
Admin API- Clearing

Regulatory Reporting for Interest Rate Swaps
FIX Market Data API – Drop Copy, Admin API

Daily Trade Activity Report delivered to CFTC for SEFs or DCMs
Admin API

Back office accounting and statement generation
Admin API

The EP3 administrative interface has several features to allow the exchange staff to manage the operations of the exchange. Included but not limited to user, participant, and account creation. Instruments, exchange hours are also managed through the EP3 Administrative interface.

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The EP3 monitoring and alerting framework allows operations teams to create custom alerts and observability dashboards to monitor system health and to proactively take steps to head off any potential disruptions.


EP3 leverages the OpenTracing framework for distributed tracing messages. This means that every single request into the system is logged and traced between all microservices on the system so there is an audit trail of EVERY request, admin or user, on every API.

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EP3 Trader is a customizable web and mobile responsive user interface for entering orders to the exchange.

As an add-on to EP3, clients can leverage the base functionality of EP3 Trader. Connamara professional services team can customize EP3 Trader to meet specific customer needs.

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EP3 provides the functionality, reliability, and scalability to successfully launch and operate an exchange, but Connamara understands that many exchanges have unique needs and goals that require custom development work. For example, the exchange may need to send trades executed on EP3 to a clearing organization for trade clearing and settlement. Or, it may want to use a third party for trade practice surveillance. This is where Connamara Professional Services (CPS) comes into play. CPS will work with the exchange to fully understand the specific requirements needed to launch and operate the exchange. Leveraging the EP3 flexible architecture, CPS will extend or enhance the EP3 functionality needed to meet these exchange specific requirements. CPS will also work with third party providers of downstream services to integrate with EP3.

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Success stories

Connamara Professional Services for EP3 extends EP3 to allow custom pricing of lumber for MaterialsXchange.


Connamara Professional Service for EP3 integrates with CME Clearing, LCH Clearing, DTCC, and Eventus for a regulated Swap Execution Facility.



To operate an exchange successfully requires full time monitoring and support of the platform. Connamara Support Services (CSS) can provide highly experienced technical staff to monitor and support the operation of the platform up to 24×7. This staff can monitor for anomalies, issue identification, escalation, and resolution. The amount of support is tailored to the needs of the client. Some clients need a comprehensive program that includes 100% coverage, others may have their own staff who may only want to use CSS for issue escalation and resolution. Learn more about Connamara Support Services and some recent success stories:

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Success stories

Connamara Support Services for EP3provides complete support monitoring and support for MaterialsXChange.


Connamara Support Service for EP3 provides engineering support for American Financial Exchange.



Thanks to EP3’s feature-rich functionality, it can be a solution for both start up ventures and established exchanges.

For startups, EP3 provides the functionality to build and launch in exchange, from the ground up, in a matter of months. It is flexible enough to allow customization to meet the unique needs of a new marketplace that may not fit neatly into the existing pattern of capital markets. Connamara understands the importance of “getting to the first trade” for new exchanges.EP3 is designed to get you there quickly.

For established exchanges, EP3 offers core functionality as well as a host of add-on integrations, custom development work and support services for comprehensive front-to-back capabilities. As just one example, EP3 offers a set of well documented APIs that can allow an established exchange to replace legacy matching engines with EP3 using a phased approach. A phased approach provides flexibility and reduces the risk of the transition.


The choice of exchange and matching engine technology is the single most important decision an exchange or marketplace can make. And the choice should rest on the talent, experience, reputation and integrity of the developers of that technology. Connamara is justifiably proud of its 20+ year track record of successful deliveries of capital market solutions because:

We Understand Trading and Markets

The choice should rest on the talent, experience, reputation and integrity of the developers of that technology.

Building Technology for Capital Markets is Our Business

Few technology companies have the domain expertise and the deeply experienced engineers that can effectively and efficiently deliver capital markets technology. Our senior leadership team boasts an average tenure of more than a decade at Connamara and each of them has been deeply involved in the design, development and support of EP3. Technology is not a side business for us – it is our only business. This means clients have our full attention regardless of their size. Their goals are our goals, their success is our success. We are their partners, not their competitors.

20+ Years of Delivering for Demanding Capital Market Clients

Connamara has successfully delivered to capital markets customers over 20 years because we understand the urgency of getting something done. Our culture reflects our roots in pit trading where every missed trade is a missed opportunity. And that is why we understand how important for new exchanges to “get to the first trade”.

Our Reputation for Integrity and Professionalism is Unrivaled

We say what we mean. We do what we say. And we take the pit trading creed seriously -, we never back out of a trade. Ask anyone.