FIX Trading Community’s Chicago Regional Meeting – Recap

The FIX Trading Community’s Chicago Regional meeting is in the books.  Connamara proudly sponsored this years’ event on July 18th in downtown Chicago. The annual trading briefing was very well attended with over 80% of registered participants in attendance. In past years, the average numbers have been around 50% to 60%.

Connamara’s very own, Andrew Page, moderated the panel on the topic of “Bringing Cryptocurrency into the Institutional Order Flow” . The panelists were all from leading firms in the development of cryptocurrency infrastructure including Hu Liang, CEO of Omniex, Rosario Ingargiola, CEO of OTCXN, Sean Ristau, Director of Exchange Integration at BCause, and Serg Gulko, CTO of XTrade.  

The discussion was lively as the panelists did an excellent job describing and debating the necessary steps to institutionalize digital asset trading including the use of Simple Binary Encoding (SBE), Websockets, FIXS (secure FIX), and FIXP.  These are all initiatives from FIX Trading Community and will ensure the continued adoption of FIX into the modern internet technology stack. In addition, Lou Rosato and Ila Eckhoff attended to report on the work the FIX Trading Community is doing in furthering FIX automation into the post trade life cycle beyond allocation and affirm/confirm processes.

Connamara looks forward to continuing to sponsor and support the FIX Trading Community.