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How Our Acceptance Tests Safeguard Complex Systems

By Kevin Siamis

Capital markets operate within intricate systems comprising trading platforms, data feeds, and regulatory frameworks. Yet, modifying these systems poses challenges due to their interconnected nature. Even minor changes can trigger significant repercussions, affecting trading strategies, market stability, and regulatory compliance. Connamara works within an Agile framework – which requires flexibility – so making adjustments easily and quickly is crucial to providing our clients with the best possible service. 

Enter acceptance tests, the pivotal step in establishing whether an application meets the end user standards based on predetermined characteristics. Rigorous testing scenarios validate core functionalities such as order execution and risk management. They act as a safety net during updates, ensuring that changes do not compromise system integrity or compliance.

Benefits of Acceptance Tests

  1. Reduced Risk of Regressions: Acceptance testing is a proactive approach that saves valuable time and resources while maintaining the system’s stability and reliability. By catching minor, unintentional bugs and functionality breakdowns that may arise from updates, developers can rectify issues before they manifest into critical issues.
  1. Confidence Boost: When clients, stakeholders, and developers know that the core functionalities of their custom software solution will be routinely and rigorously tested, the entire project team can move forward with greater confidence and peace of mind. During testing, common scenarios are played out so that, post-launch, developers can update with a lower chance of inadvertently introducing bugs or disrupting critical functionalities—the more confident the process, the higher quality software product.
  1. Enhance User Experience: Acceptance testing ensures a consistent and polished user experience by maintaining integrity and user functionality. End users are thus presented with a more reliable and seamless experience – fostering satisfaction and loyalty. 

How Our Clients Leverage Acceptance Tests

In one recent instance, our Connamara development team replaced a client’s legacy software protocol with a newer, more modern protocol and software design pattern. Due to how our acceptance tests are written, the previous behavior was maintained, and the end users remained utterly unaware of the system’s re-architecting.

Explore the power of acceptance testing to enhance your capital markets software. Have questions or need customized solutions? Reach out to us today or check out our customer journey. Let’s optimize your custom software solution together. 

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