Connamara Systems Announces Support for MiFID II Compliant High Resolution Timestamps in QuickFIX

Connamara Systems, co-originator of the industry standard open-source QuickFIX FIX engine, today announced support for MiFID II compliant high-resolution timestamps for QuickFIX/Go.  


The enhanced precision of timestamp data types provides higher resolution and greater granularity which will assist the capital markets industry in meeting the MIFID II transaction reporting requirements that come into effect in January 2018.  

These requirements, including strict clock synchronization and nanosecond time-stamping, are being enforced to ensure best execution and equally affect the buy-side and sell-side.  Under MiFID II, firms need to demonstrate to regulators quantitatively that they have taken the steps necessary to provide their customers with best execution. Compliance with these mandates will be greatly simplified with these features tightly integrated directly into QuickFIX.

Connamara Systems provides commercial support for all versions of QuickFIX (C++, C#, Java, and Go).  QuickFIX, the market leading open source technology, is continually evolving to meet the needs of the industry, and combined with enterprise support form Connamara Systems, provides firms operating in the capital markets the confidence needed to remain ahead of the ever evolving technology and regulatory landscape.

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