2020 Outlook: Dan Curry, Connamara Systems

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Dan Curry is Head of Business Development at Connamara Systems.

What was the key theme for your business in 2019?

Dan Curry, Connamara

The key theme for our business in 2019 was efficiency, demonstrated mainly by our EP3 technology solution. EP3, launched in March, is a ground-up rebuild of our matching engine technology, designed to improve scalability, reliability, and flexibility for exchanges. It takes so much effort to get a new digital marketplace off the ground, and with EP3, we wanted to simplify the technology build. This is exemplified by our first EP3 client, MaterialsXchange, an electronic marketplace for buying and selling raw materials such as lumber. We started working with MaterialsXchange over the summer, and just four months later they completed their first transaction. This type of efficiency in exchange development is a game-changer for the industry.

What are your expectations for 2020?
We will continue the momentum from a very strong 2019 and build on it in 2020. With the launch of our exchange platform, EP3, as well as many custom development projects underway, we are positioned for continued rapid growth. We are expanding our teams across sales, account management, engineering, DevOps, and support.

What trends are getting underway that people may not know about but will be important?
The adoption of microservices in capital markets is accelerating rapidly. This trend is very important as it is allowing the industry to deploy technology quickly. As this continues to unfold, participants will see many benefits, such as new abilities to limit expenses, mitigate risk, and increased adaptability to the ever-changing regulatory landscape. EP3 is designed with this shift in mind, as its microservice-based architecture leverages the latest in application containerization and orchestration technologies, allowing for simple and rapid deployment.

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