Matching Engines

Matching Engines

Matching Engines provide the transactional integrity for an electronic trading venue, marketplace, or exchange. The matching engine can provide various algorithms to facilitate the matching of buyers and sellers. The most common is price-time. Matching engines also can support different order types such as a limit order or market order. Connamara has been a builder of marching engines almost since the founding of the company. Demonstrating our polyglot nature we have built matching engines for our clients using C++, Java, and erlang programming languages. Our latest version is a C++ matching engine that exposes both RestFUL and FIX API for orders and market data. This makes it a perfect solution to back either a traditional FIX exchange or a web based marketplace accessed via browsers or mobile devices.

Example of Our Work

While most of our matching engine implementations provide services to exchanges and marketplaces we have delivered to our clients, we have delivered standalone matching engines. One notable example was a matching engine we build for Rosenthal Collins Group (RCG). This implementation was used to simulate the trading that occurs on a futures exchange. With this simulated exchange,RCG customers to tryout the RCG Onyx trading platform to get the feel of the new platform before trading in a live environment. This matching engine exposed a FIX API for market data and order routing.

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