Connamara designs and develops marketplace applications for clients who are looking to bring price transparency and liquidity to non-regulated markets that are traditionally opaque and fragmented. The Connamara Marketplace Framework is leveraged to shorten the time to market and reduce the implementation risk.  Whether it is trade settlement, inventory management, or order matching rules, the Connamara Marketplace Framework is fully customizable to the unique needs of the new marketplace.

The licensing model offered, coupled with the ability to deploy to Amazon Web Services, makes this solution ideal for startups and entrepreneurs looking to minimize upfront capital costs to get to market. Connamara also has the expertise and experience to fully operate the marketplace allowing the company to focus on growing the customer base.

The Connamara Marketplace Framework consists of four components.

  • Matching Engine

The matching engine provides the transactional integrity for the platform. Organized as a Central Limit Order Book (CLOB), the matching engine allows orders from buyers and sellers to be matched on a price-time priority. Support for bilateral or central counterparty matching can be provided.

  • Customer Trading Interface

A basic user interface is provided to allow the entry and management of orders by customers. Through this UI, the customer can view orders, execution details for those orders, full depth of market for the order books, and market data statistics.

The Customer Trading Interface is built to be responsive and mobile ready and can be white-labeled for the client.

  • Administration Interface

An administration interface is provided to allow the marketplace personnel the ability to manage, configure, and surveil the marketplace.

  • Platform Monitoring

The Connamara Marketplace Framework provides several tools for monitoring the performance and health of the marketplace. The tools are available to the marketplace operations personnel. The Connamara Marketplace Framework leverages ElasticSearch, Logstash, and Kibana for monitoring. The third party tool Threat Stack is used for security monitoring and Data Dog is used for alerting.

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