Lowering the Barrier to Entry for Tradable Product Innovation

Since 2008 Connamara has been creating matching engines and trading platforms for startups that are leading tradable product innovation. The innovators involved in these ventures seek to bring transparency and price discovery to otherwise opaque markets. In some cases, the innovators have created entirely new asset classes. Connamara has built exchange platforms for asset classes ranging from environmental offsets to bankruptcy claims to intellectual property rights to U.S. regulated futures contracts.

A common problem enCloud-Computing300x225countered by a new exchange ventures is that the technology to allow their products to be traded, i.e., matching engines and trading platforms, represents a large portion of the initial start-up costs. Most trading product visionaries fail to realize that, while the technology is crucial to the success of the venture, it is equally critical to market to and educate the end users of the product. If most of your capital raise is spent on technology at the expense of marketing and education you are left with an exchange with no trading.

Connamara has leveraged the experience gained in creating the technology for single-product exchanges and marketplaces along with cloud technology to create an offering that speeds the product to market and minimizes the initial capital outlay for technology.

The Connamara solution uses the Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure of secure, scalable, highly available compute power and storage to deploy exchange platforms quickly with greatly reduced upfront costs. The AWS “pay-as-you-go” pricing model allows the new exchange to minimize the initial capital outlay typically needed to launch or gain regulatory approval. Connamara extends the AWS model into a tiered support model that seeks to further minimize the prelaunch capital outlays.

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