We have our first release!

Here is what you can do with v0.1.0:

  • Pass all FIX Acceptance tests demonstrating FIX session management
  • Support for Server and Client FIX Applications
  • FIX Message Validation
  • Repeating Groups
  • Generated message types for FIX4.0 – FIX5.0sp2

Our current roadmap is to broaden the library for fully supporting production quality FIX applications. This includes implementing many of the configuration options currently available for QuickFIX, QuickFIX/n, and QuickFIX/j.

QuickFIX/Go will be released subject to Semantic Versioning. Major version zero (0.y.z) is for initial development. Anything may change at any time. The public API should not be considered stable, however, we do not expect any major world breaking changes should you decide to start writing apps with QuickFIX/Go.

Check out the docs and examples to get started. Bug reports, bug fixes and pull requests are very welcome!