The Client

A global pioneer in the regulated derivatives marketplace providing a multi-asset class platform for trading an array of financial instruments including contracts on interest rates, FX, and digital instruments.

The Challenge

The client experienced rapid growth and required a modern exchange platform to replace an existing provider’s solution that limited their ability to scale and innovate. EP3™ exceeded their requirements for performance, reliability, low latency, and availability of modern APIs but did not have integrations to third parties that were required to move forward with the project. In particular, support for their central counterparty clearing partners, CME and London Clearing House (LCH), and their vendor for trade practice reporting and surveillance, Eventus Systems, required EP3™ to work with the industry leading Validus platform.

The Solution

Connamara Professional Services scoped the requirements for the integrations and delivered a detailed timeline with precise cost estimates for extending EP3™ to support their needs. Once the client signed off on the plan, the project was launched in earnest to meet the aggressive timelines. Adhering to the established Connamara agile methodology the Connamara Professional Services team delivered on time and on budget and the client progressed towards launch.

The Results

The integrations allowed the client to move forward with confidence that they had a drop-in solution for their current needs along with a long runway to continue scaling and innovating. In addition, as their needs evolve, they continue to engage with Connamara Professional Services to satisfy custom requirements as they arise in the rapidly changing marketplace.