Harbor Capital, a leading investment management firm with over 49.2B assets under management, was connected with Connamara by their sales representative at Bloomberg.

The company already utilized Bloomberg’s Market Data Feed (B-PIPE) but was looking for a software development team familiar with the interface to design a tailored solution. Connamara’s expert knowledge of the analytics program made us a natural fit as an architect of the possible.

Harbor Capital envisioned a pipeline that could ingest Bloomberg data directly, integrated with their pricing models, and thus could better inform their investment strategies. Leaders also sought a dashboard with a custom display that could assist in visualizing relevant B-PIPE data.


Connamara proposed a distributed architecture onto a Kafka event stream with a simple application persisting the data onto a database.

Docker containerization technology was used to foster consistency between each service’s development, testing, and deployment environments. Docker’s adaptability – to allow programs to be written in various software languages and the ability to simplify deployment – made the technology an attractive choice.

Using our Connamara Agile methodology, we discovered that Harbor Capital’s feature specs shifted over time. Our team got to work pivoting from a simple custom dashboard to one that could display large amounts of real-time data and dynamic conversion of foreign exchange pricing.


An early project demonstration showcasing the dashboard’s real-time data analytics made a considerable impression on Harbor Capital’s key stakeholders.

During handoff, Connamara has engaged Harbor Capital in a weekly discussion meeting, enabling our clients to ask questions and feel confident in maintaining the software we delivered.

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