LarrainVial is a long-standing financial institution in Latin America, serving 50,000 clients in Chile, Columbia, Peru, and Miami with 17.1 billion assets under management. Connamara was keen to assist with their needs when they reached out through a word-of-mouth referral.

The enterprise financial services firm is experiencing significant expansion in its business lines and, in conjunction, a massive increase in quote and trading volumes on its electronic trading infrastructure. LarainVial sought experts to assess their existing electronic trading architecture and evaluate their implementation of FIX protocol: two things Connamara is historically well equipped to do.


Connamara got to work with LarrainVial’s international team, immediately engaging in research to understand compliance and requirements for South American market functionality and working with a bilingual user base.

After engaging in discovery and evaluation, Connamara recommended a path forward to improve reliability, scalability, and performance. Though their technology infrastructure had many disparate parts, all reliant on third-party solutions, our engineers were able to come up with a plan that would save LarrainVial money and time.

Our development team utilized Docker containerization technology to provide the fastest, most streamlined production approach.


Connamara delivered the project successfully – on time and significantly under budget. As a company, we stretched our skillset – to design software that complies with South American financial markets and collaborate with a multinational, bilingual team.

“It was a great experience. You did a phenomenal assessment of our capabilities. A totally different perspective that added lots of value to our firm. I trust we will work together again.”

Claudio Larrain Kaplan, CEO

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