The Client

A premier proprietary trading firm.

The Challenge

Like many proprietary trading firms, the client is extremely cautious when it comes to outsourcing software development. Since trading strategies and algorithms are sensitive and confidential, these are all managed internally with no outside vendor involvement. However, with the client often finding their engineers stretched thin focusing on projects designed to generate alpha for the firm, little time was available for back and middle office projects that are extremely important to having smoothly functioning trading operations in a multitude of global markets.  Our client requires engineering services that are flexible enough to help when needs arise, able to address and satisfy any and all security concerns, and knowledgeable and experienced enough to seamlessly integrate into their software development life cycle.

The Solution

Connamara’s work in the financial technology space and active involvement in the open source community, particularly with the widely adopted QuickFIX project, provided our client the confidence they needed when engaging an outside vendor for technology services.  Working directly with their Head of Technology, Connamara developed a plan for integrating with their teams that would provide them with reliable, fast, and secure solutions.  Leveraging deep capital markets expertise Connamara provided an immediate impact improving their software development methods and velocity on projects.   Connamara acts as a force multiplier to their internal teams, making the entire company far more efficient.  

As the collaboration has evolved and successful projects have been delivered it has expanded to a flexible arrangement whereby Connamara is available to augment their team on any number of back or middle office projects, with the ability to expand and contract as needs arise.

The Results

Connamara has successfully delivered on multiple projects, including:

  • Handling trade capture reports from various exchanges and other venues
  • Improving automated build processes
  • Routinely implementing FIX dropcopy adapters for new venues
  • Performing project discovery, requirements gathering, and analysis and design for various systems

Connamara continues to provide certainty of delivery on important projects allowing our client to confidently pursue their ever-expanding global trading operations.