The Client

A technology startup in the European renewable energy certificates market.

The Challenge

To provide a SaaS-based solution for the European Guarantee of Origin (GO) market for post-trade management, settlement automation, and portfolio management. 

The renewable energy certificates market is highly fragmented with many participants offering different solutions.  To better serve the rapidly evolving marketplace, the client had an ambitious plan to offer technology that would reduce the time and expense involved in trading these new instruments. They needed a technology partner with deep domain experience to help them determine a feasible roadmap to accomplish their goals. The client also needed a partner with the experience in estimating large scale solutions in order to establish a budget (time and cost to implement) to allow the client to evaluate the return on investment of such an undertaking.

The Solution

Connamara collaborated with the client along with potential users and with providers of market-based sustainability solutions to design a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to test the viability of the solution.

The project followed the typical arc for a Connamara Agile project; a lightweight design and analysis phase where the user stories and features are determined followed by a development phase implementing those user stories and features with development broken into small iterations. 

With the design and analysis completed successfully we moved to the implementation phase.  The entire process went from design and analysis to launch of the MVP in less than a year.

The Results

The MVP allowed the client to test the product / market fit for the application. This has allowed them to move with confidence to the implementation of a release and launch to a general audience. 

Connamara is continuing to provide services to the client as they move to a full launch of the product.