QuickFIX was created in 2001 by Oren Miller while working at Thoughtworks as an open source implementation of the FIX Protocol as specified by the FIX Trading Community (formerly FIX Protocol Organization). The original version was written in C++. The acceptance was so pervasive from the FIX community that Java, .NET, and golang implementations followed.

Connamara Systems has been involved with QuickFIX since the earliest days of the original C++ project in late 2001. Since that time Connamara has continued to be involved with the project as a maintainer and contributor, and as of 2010, the host of the cross-platform build servers and automated build platform. Connamara is also a contributor to the Java version QuickFIX/J.

In November of 2011, Connamara released a version of QuickFIX, QuickFIX/N, written using C# and the Microsoft .NET Framework. With this release, Connamara has made available to the QuickFIX community the option to implement a FIX solution in the three main languages used in the financial systems development.

In August of 2014,the FIX Trading Community, awarded Connamara Systems and founder, Jim Downs, recognition for the QuickFix Open Source Project’s positive impact in the global trading community and FIX standard adaptation on the FIX Trading Community’s 20th Anniversary. Since QuickFIX’s launch in 2002 it is estimated that there have been just shy of 1 Million downloads.  This number includes QuickFIX’s other FIX versions for Java and for .NET.

Connamara offers clients support and integration services around all flavors of QuickFIX.

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Created By Oren Miller - Support By Connamara

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