New QuickFIX Engine Website Unveiled

New website for industry leading open source project

Connamara Systems, co-originator and official maintainer of the industry standard open-source QuickFIX FIX library, today announced the general availability of a redesigned website,,  for the widely adopted family of open source libraries.  The technology has been downloaded millions of times since the original C++ project was placed into open source in 2001, and has evolved to be available in many other programming languages including C#, Golang, and Java .

As the trusted standard for a FIX implementation in the capital markets industry with an extensive and vibrant community surrounding and supporting it, the new site is a welcome addition to the ecosystem.  By providing visitors with an easier and more graphically appealing way to learn about QuickFIX, including a more intuitive design with easily discoverable content, the modernized website will allow capital markets participants to continue leveraging the technology with confidence.

To learn more about Connamara’s professional services for QuickFIX, please contact sales at 

About Connamara Systems, LLC

Connamara Systems, the premier provider of matching engine technology for startup and frontier exchanges, provides commercial support for all versions of QuickFIX (C++, C#, Java, and Go).  QuickFIX, the market leading open source technology, is continually evolving to meet the needs of the industry, and combined with enterprise support from Connamara Systems, provides firms operating in the capital markets the confidence needed to remain ahead of the ever evolving technology and regulatory landscape.  Connamara practices agile software development and project management methods and has over 20 years of experience successfully delivering complex, distributed systems to the most demanding customers in the financial markets.