Firm Values

At Connamara, we adhere to core values that best serve our clients, our teammates, and our capital markets community. These values, and our dedication to living by them, are the reason we have stayed successful for over two decades in an ever-changing industry.  For further detail on how we live these values, please see this blog post.

To Our Clients

We must thoroughly understand our clients’ business and their short-term and long-term strategic objectives.

We must clearly articulate the products and services we will deliver to our clients.

We must collect project metrics to improve the certainty of the costs and time to deliver projects to our clients.

We must communicate with our clients continuously to ensure that we are meeting their expectations.

We must always act with personal and professional integrity.

We must never forget that our clients’ success is our success.

To Our Team

We must only hire individuals who meet our high standards of professional expertise, honesty and respect for others.

We must ensure that all individuals are given challenging opportunities to expand their skills and assume higher levels of authority and responsibility.

We must foster an atmosphere of collaboration and knowledge sharing.

We must acknowledge and celebrate the “wins” of our team members –
whether those wins are big or small.

We must understand and accommodate the important family and
personal responsibilities of our team members.

To Our Capital Markets Community

We must never forget the importance of fair, deep and liquid markets.

We must actively participate in initiatives that seek to promote education
and knowledge sharing for the community.

We must continue our commitment to the open source by giving back to
the projects we use.