Our People

At Connamara, we refer to our colleagues as Connamarians. All Connamarians go through an intensive interview and skills assessment process to ensure that they meet our very high standards of expertise, professionalism, integrity and teamwork.

Our software engineers have been educated at some of the finest engineering schools in the world. They come to Connamara, and stay at Connamara, because of the quality of our clients, the sophistication of our technology and the ability to lead major projects and client relationships at an early stage in their careers. They are problem-solvers, independent thinkers and innovators. They are more than computer programmers, they are software engineers.

The talent of our software engineers is perfectly complemented by our exceptional business analysts. Our analysts are well-educated, many with quantitative backgrounds and advanced degrees. They ask good questions, they listen and they make sure that the work of the engineers is meeting the objectives of the client – even as those objectives change over time.

Our support personnel have years of experience and deep dedication to client relations. They understand the immediacy of client issues. Capital markets don’t wait.