Our client, a pioneering cryptocurrency exchange, has witnessed the rapid institutional adoption of digital currency. Digital asset liquidity is integral for brokers, institutions, and professional traders worldwide. The FIX protocol is the standard electronic communication protocol for capital markets professionals. Thus, a FIX gateway to accept institutional order flow was necessary.  

Connamara’s decades-long distinction as an author and maintainer of QuickFIX open-source library and its expertise in Go (a Google-developed programming language) made it easy for our client’s choice of Connamara for its FIX advisory services.


Connamara went above and beyond the advisory and support services role. Working directly with the company’s CTO, our engineers designed, implemented, and delivered a transparent, state-of-the-art  FIX Gateway in just a few months.


Our client gained a distinct competitive advantage with support for FIX by being able to offer next-level access to global cryptocurrency markets. On the FIX gateway’s launch, the time and effort required by institutional traders to connect were significantly reduced, making it much easier to onboard new customers.

“The FIX gateway Connamara built is comparable to the best I’ve seen in the crypto space and has enabled us to improve the efficiency of digital asset markets and allow for streamlined access to cryptocurrency trading.”

Cryptocurrency Exchange CTO

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