One of the largest banks in the United States, headquartered in the Midwest, was looking for software developers to help them build a FIX Engine that could work with investment-grade bonds. Hearing of Connamara’s industry recognition for our FIX expertise, they made an inquiry.

During discovery, Connamara’s business analysts realized that our clients needed more than a FIX Engine based on the desired features and requirements. They wanted an entire algorithmic trading platform devised from the ground up.


Connamara got to work creating a web-based user interface for their trading desk, controlling behaviors of the algorithms and pricing parameters. We also built a distributed trading platform for fixed income assets connected by a message bus. These products made use of Connamara’s developers’ tech expertise in Kafka, FIX, Kubernetes, React, Protobufs, Postgres, and Google Cloud Platform (GCP). All of this was done with the utmost security protocols to ensure compliance.


The bank launched our products successfully into production and re-engaged us later for enhancements and improvements.

“Wow! Did I read this correctly, “No issues found”? I do not think I have seen that before on a first scan. Good job to the team!”

U.S.-based bank Chief Administrative Officer

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