CME Group is the world’s largest exchange operator, trading in futures and options on agricultural products, currencies, energy, interest rates, metals, stock indexes, and cryptocurrencies.

When CME Group sought a custom futures trading platform and user interface for educational purposes, they contacted Connamara. Our long history rooted in capital markets and our knowledge of derivatives trading, unmatched by other consulting companies, made us the perfect choice to build their software solution.

Connamara’s engineering team understood the impact and importance of designing a platform and interface that could handle the large amounts of real-time trading data and accurate calculations the software required.


Connamara’s engineers set out to build completely innovative trading simulation software that featured several educational modules. The technology allows individuals to trade futures and options in a demo environment and learn about profit and loss, position tracking, and margin requirements. Our developers utilized tools like Ruby on Rails with several C++ libraries to create a life-like trading simulation and educational platform.


Using the technology developed by Connamara,  the CME Group educates newcomers to futures trading by augmenting the online curriculum with fun and exciting trading challenges. The trading challenges use the Connamara designed and developed trading simulator to create a real-life trading experience where the students can try out concepts learned in the course material.

CME Group has educated thousands of new market users on the risks and benefits of futures trading through this educational program. Years after completing a project that we are incredibly proud of, CME Group is getting its all-time highest number of students participating in their educational programs and participating in the trading challenges.

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