An enterprise global solutions provider headquartered in Paris that publishes and integrates software packages for the finance sector was upgrading their proprietary order management system and replacing legacy technology.

But switching out this technology was no simple task; with the company’s extensive client base, leadership wanted to be sure that the rollout would not disrupt business or cause issues.

As co-creators of QuickFIX and QuickFIX/n, Connamara’s years of domain expertise made us the right choice to provide third-party validation so that this client could move smoothly to a modern microservices-based architecture and leverage open-source technologies.


Connamara’s team of developers got to work validating the functionality of this client’s OMS software upgrade. We collaborated with the company’s in-house worldwide team of developers based in France, Tunisia, India and the USA.

Through designing custom FIX-validation software and using the Cucumber testing framework, Connamara’s team was able to develop the testing framework against the OMS’ existing code. This bespoke application enabled the Connamara team to certify implementation results with great efficiency. During the process, the client’s leadership wanted to track project velocity, to ensure they would complete their goals in time. Using Connamara Agile, our team was transparent and frequently communicated with our clients to make sure we met every deadline set.


Successful validation of the company’s upgraded and updated order management system by Connamara resulted in a seamless rollout. The platform’s enhanced functionality has brought our client new business opportunities and promoted its services in the financial sector.

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