A Chicago Board of Trade Industry Veteran contacted Connamara to help him build the products that would launch him as an independent software vendor.

The vision: a downloadable desktop trading application and the first iOS-based futures trading platform.

The founder and CEO was keen to collaborate with our team to create an easy-to-use and intuitive user interface that could make retail futures and options trading truly mobile and reach all markets worldwide.

However, at the project’s outset, this client did not have many tangible specifications or requirements; the start-up put total creative trust in Connamara.


Connamara engaged our client in a rigorous design process coupled with Connamara Agile to give this start-up the agility needed to adjust as they learned more about their target market.

Within nine months, our developers delivered a set of wireframes, a list of user stories, and application features to fulfill the founder’s vision. Ultimately, the Connamara team presented a trading interface that leveraged order routing, exchange connectivity, and risk management services provided by the CQG Continuum platform.


Connamara designed and implemented two effective and user-friendly products: a downloadable desktop version and a simple, powerful mobile application for iPhone and iPad. As a result, the company was lauded for its speed, connectivity, and reliability, making retail traders competitive with all leading trading platforms.

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