Connamara was thrilled when global enterprise impact measurement company 60 Decibels (60dB) reached out about a potential partnership.

60dB provides technology that enables clients to quickly and reliably generate custom surveys to measure social impact and collect insights into values-based investing. The data gathered results in genuine benchmarks of impact performance, enabling organizations to understand social impact relative to peers and set performance targets.

But, the company was relying heavily on third-party vendor-supplied components from a cloud collaboration service. This retail solution was difficult to modify and 60 dB needed more control.

60dB thus desired a custom, in-house survey platform and user interface to conduct social impact scoring for values based investing.

Connamara immediately got to work: analyzing, designing, and implementing their goals.


After initial discovery and research, Connamara and 60 Decibels settled on a roadmap with a timeframe and budget. We assigned a UI/UX strategist, a business analyst, and a senior software engineer to work with 60dB to gather the requirements, design the architecture, and create the implementation plan that included use of Ruby on Rails framework.

The UI/UX strategist was responsible for all visual design elements and formalizing the vision of 60dB. The senior software engineer provided technology recommendations and oversaw integration. Finally, the business analyst was responsible for gathering the business requirements to ensure that the proposed solution matches the expectations of 60dB.

While Connamara got to work, 60 Decibels was building their internal team. Midway through the project, 60db leaders realized they needed additional support staff from Connamara. Our team quickly identified extra in-house help that could jump onto the project to provide 60dB with the necessary resources.


Connamara provided a lead engineer to assist in the handoff to 60 Decibel’s new employees.

Our data management platform ultimately saved 60dB money and time. And 60dB gained a significant asset: a piece of customizable, 100% owned software.

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