Trading Applications

Connamara builds end user trading applications. We are builders of user interfaces for desktop and mobile, algorithmic trading systems, and order/execution management systems.

Systems Integration

Connamara engineers are experts in systems integration. We bridge the gap between trading ideas and execution by connecting existing trading systems to exchanges.

Regulated Exchanges

The Connamara Regulated Exchange Framework provide clients the components to launch a regulated exchange.

Non-Regulated Marketplaces

The Connamara Marketplace Framework jumpstarts the creation of new and innovative marketplaces for startups, entrepreneurs, and established venues.


since 1998

Connamara serves exchanges, brokers, software vendors, and proprietary trading firms.



Connamara builds marketplaces, exchanges, matching engines and trading platforms.


Million QuickFIX downloads
for C++, Java, golang, and .NET

Connamara is a maintainer of the most successful open source projects in capital markets.



  • Automated trading platforms
  • CFTC DCM Application Consulting (Exhibit V)
  • iOs and Mobile Development
  • Order Routing and management systems
  • FIX Protocol Connectivity
  • QuickFIX Support
  • DevOps
  • Systems Integration
  • Market Data Connectivity
  • Order Routing Connectivity