Exchanges & New Marketplaces

Connamara has developed, deployed, and supported software solutions for the world’s most important derivatives exchanges and marketplaces. Our client group includes regulated exchanges offering a wide range of products to global market participants, non-regulated exchanges providing transparency and liquidity to niche markets and swap execution facilities. Connamara has also been instrumental in designing, developing and supporting technology for start-up exchanges and new marketplaces. Our broad domain knowledge in trading and markets and well-honed development methodology helps shorten the time to market for these innovators.

Banks & Financial Institutions

Connamara’s financial institution clients include leading banks, global brokerages, investment managers and insurers. We have designed and delivered a breadth of front office, middle office, and back office solutions to these clients across a wide array of asset classes - equities, futures, options, foreign exchange, and fixed income. Our clients use our solutions to enhance service to their customers, to improve their operational efficiency, to meet regulatory requirements, to monitor risk, and to improve profitability.

Trading Firms & Commercial Hedgers

Connamara has broad domain expertise in trading and markets. That is why so many trading firms turn to us when they need speed, robustness, scalability, and flexibility from their technology. Our decades of experience - in trading and software engineering - allows us to deliver targeted solutions - efficiently and effectively. Commercial hedgers appreciate our broad understanding of the dynamic interplay of cash and derivatives markets. Our hedging clients operate in a variety of important global markets — metals, energy, banking, agribusiness, lending, and freight. They use our technology to hedge risk exposure, to accumulate and analyze market data, to buy and to sell, and much more.

Software Vendors

Connamara provides a wide range of service offerings to our independent software vendor clients. Some of our clients have their own talented software development teams and Connamara provides services to extend their offerings to meet new business opportunities and requirements. Other clients rely exclusively on Connamara for all design and development work, as well as on-going support services. Whatever the needs of the ISV client, we can customize an offering to provide an efficient and cost-effective solution.

Digital Assets

Our clients in the digital asset space are as diverse as the digital asset business itself. They include miners, derivatives exchanges, and spot exchanges. We help established crypto exchanges present the standard APIs and protocols that are expected by institutional-grade capital markets participants.