QuickFIX/N v1.8.0 Released

Changes of note in this release:

–  High-resolution timestamp support for QuickFIX timestamp fields
–  Updating DateTimeConverter to be able to convert between microseconds
–  Target .NET 4.5
–  A number of bug fixes

See the Release Notes for a complete list of changes in v1.8.0


Please help us by testing your QuickFIX/N applications with the new release and report any problems using the project’s issue tracker:  https://github.com/connamara/quickfixn/issues

You can download the binary from:  http://quickfixn.org/download.html. The source can be found on Github at tag v1.8.0: https://github.com/connamara/quickfixn

Documentation can be found at: http://quickfixn.org/tutorial/creating-an-application.html

Bug reports, bug fixes and pull requests are very welcome!

Please contact info@connamara.com for more information.

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