Connamara Systems Unveils Upgraded Commercial Support for QuickFIX

Connamara Systems, co-originator of the industry standard open-source QuickFIX FIX engine, today announced the general availability of upgraded commercial support packages for the market leading open source technology.  


This marks a significant expansion of the support coverage options available and makes the benefits of QuickFIX more accessible to more users than ever before.

In response to millions of downloads of QuickFIX,  Connamara has rolled out several tiers of coverage to satisfy the varying requirements of U.S. and overseas clients.  Working In conjunction with feedback from clients, Connamara tailored the levels of enterprise support to fit the unique requirements for service levels from a large and growing install base. From Basic Coverage to Platinum Tier coverage, the smallest to the largest deployments of QuickFIX can now enjoy the advantages of commercial support provided by the original development team and current maintainer of the widely adopted technology.

Connamara’s  enhanced commercial support builds on the strong open source community behind QuickFIX and expands it by offering business customers advanced support levels, and upgraded features such as monitoring and hosting.  QuickFIX, the world’s most widely adopted FIX engine with an active open source community behind it, now has the commercial support options available to allow capital markets participants to continue deploying the technology with confidence on both the buy-side and sell-side.

About Connamara Systems, LLC

Connamara Systems, co-originator of the industry standard open-source QuickFIX FIX engine, provides software engineering services exclusively to the capital markets industry and is the premier provider of matching engine technology for startup and frontier exchanges.  Connamara practices agile software development and project management methods and has over 19 years of experience successfully delivering complex, distributed systems to the most demanding customers in the financial marketplace.  

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