Custom Applications

Since 1998, Connamara has delivered a wide range of software solutions across a broad range of asset classes to capital markets participants.  We build matching engines, trading platforms, execution and order management tools, trading user interfaces, risk management systems, data aggregators, exchange connectivity applications and a host of other custom solutions.


Our years of experience and deep domain knowledge of trading, liquidity and markets allows us to move easily between asset classes.  Just to name a few of the areas where we have successfully delivered solutions to clients:

Equities Futures
Foreign Exchange Fixed Income
Interbank Loans Energy Derivatives
Cash Carbon Credits Carbon Futures
Energy Certificates Emission Allowances
Crypto Derivatives Ag. Derivatives
I.P. Rights Metals Derivatives
Bankruptcy Claims Industrial Materials
Water Derivatives Freight Derivatives


Matching Engines and Exchange Platforms

Since 2008, we have built bespoke matching engines and exchange platforms for innovative new marketplaces and exchanges. They have included regulated and non-regulated exchanges for both traditional and non-traditional asset classes. With the accumulated knowledge and experience from many successful deliveries, we launched EP3, our own proprietary matching engine and exchange platform in 2019. To learn more about EP3, visit


Trading and Hedging Platforms

Connamara designs and develops trading and hedging platforms for brokerage clients to use internally or for customer usage. These have been used for routing customer order flow to exchanges or for order flow internalization.


Execution and Order Management Systems

Connamara implements execution management platforms that allow the clients to connect internal systems to multiple counterparties and execution venues. Connamara also creates order management systems that allow brokerage customers to trade electronically.


User Interfaces

Connamara has the inhouse UI /Ux designers to create trading user interfaces that match the unique usability requirements of capital markets.

Risk Management Tools

Connamara are experts in the design and implementation of risk management tools. Connamara develops highly optimized pre-trade risk management systems to prevent customers from taking on market risks that are greater than the account funding will allow. Our post-trade tools allow risk managers to monitor and evaluate the open risk positions of their customers.

Data Aggregators

Data aggregation and visualization is becoming more vital as larger and larger data sets are available. Connamara designs and develops data analytics and visualization dashboards for our clients to enhance the usability of these data sets.


Exchange Connectivity

With deep expertise in FIX protocol and other common capital markets communication protocols, Connamara quickly and efficiently connects client platforms to new exchanges and counterparties. We integrate client systems with exchanges to receive trade confirmations (drop copies) and to send orders to additional execution venues. We also design and implement FIX APIs for existing crypto exchanges that desire to expose their exchanges functionality via a FIX API.




Development Methodologies

For all software development, Connamara utilizes agile methodologies that have been developed over the past 20 years with the mindset of continuous improvement. These disciplines include: Test Driven Development, Continuous Integration, Automated Builds and Testing. Wrapped around these methods are the agile project management methods of feature prioritization, complexity estimation in points, and completion dates that are calculated through team velocity tracking.


Connamara is platform and programming language agnostic and has delivered projects on most, if not all, platforms and languages used in the financial sector.


Connamara makes use of the latest containerization technologies. This allows the same delivered system to be deployed to a commercial cloud provider (AWS, Azure, GCP), to an on-premise datacenter, or a hybrid of cloud and on-premise.

Use of Open Source

Connamara is an active participant in open source projects that benefit capital markets.  We are a founder and maintainer of QuickFIX (probably the most successful open source project in capital markets) as well as a contributor to 18 other open source initiatives.


Connamara’s custom applications are generally offered on a time and materials basis – with an initial payment followed by progress payments tied to defined project deliverables.  For projects with a very limited scope or a very clearly-defined scope, we may consider a fixed priced engagement.