A rapidly growing business development startup specializing in exchange-traded products in environmental markets was impressed by Connamara’s prior custom solutions services for the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX).

Though this firm is flourishing in environmental commodities markets, most of its volume was block trading. The company sought a trading user interface (UI) that matched the workflows of their customers. The firm also wanted to diversify the products offered to their customers in this emerging market.


Despite the desired products’ relative uniqueness, Connamara’s engineers adapted to build a sophisticated bespoke trading interface. In initial meetings, the client and Connamara agreed on a brief analysis and project discovery period.

During this phase of highly productive sessions, Connamara and the client settled on a combination of technologies that best suited their requirements. This included leveraging C++ and Ruby on Rails on the back end, as well as the Ember.js javascript library on the front end. Our team also took into account satisfying budgetary constraints and aggressive timelines in formulating a comprehensive plan to roll out the initial Minimum Viable Product (“MVP”) version of the application. 

Armed with this research, which prioritized features and user stories, use cases, and time and cost estimates, Connamara devised a six-month MVP implementation strategy. Through the application of Connamara Agile, test-driven development, automated testing, and continuous integration, we achieved total transparency with progress, delivery dates, and budget updates to manage expectations.


Connamara’s successful delivery was an advanced trading UI that allowed the firm’s traders to trade products on a screen that matched the existing workflows for trading environmental products. The flexible nature of this trading platform allowed our clients to expand to other exchanges that will offer trading of their products.

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