All projects are unique and include a variety of processes and talents required to get to the end product.

Our highly talented team has specialties that span across the entire array of software engineering including product strategy, UX and design, agile development with a multitude of languages and much more.

This deep talent pool allows Connamara to weave together the right combination of all resources for the best end product and well managed expectations along the way.

Below is a high level view of individual services for software engineering, for any stage of a product’s lifecycle:

Regarding User Experience, we do not view UX as a phase or separate category but rather an overarching goal that is considered in all phases of engineering so those services are blended amongst all software development phases.


Bring us your concept in any form and we will help formalize your vision using our business and UX practices.

When your product is in this phase we utilize simple business analytics to help extract key requirements which the product needs to answer to and then articulate that vision clearly for each stakeholder so everyone knows why and what we’re going to do before figuring out how.

  • Brand and Marketing positioning, Competitive Analysis
  • Business requirements, Stakeholder Interviews, KPI
  • Use Cases, User Personas, User Interviews
  • Requirements gathering


Starting with a formalized concept (see Discovery or bring your own) we begin to visualize, plan out the details, validate and test the interface so we can plan how it will be built.

This is where some classic UX practices are executed and utilized to prototype the concept to the detail required for each project. It really helps set the expectations of all project stakeholders and team members when the final expected results can be seen before engineering has started.

  • Information Architecture, User Flows, Red Routes
  • Wireframing, Prototypes, Content Strategy
  • Visual Design, Style Guides
  • Interaction Design, Micro Copy
  • Product Roadmapping
  • Project handoff

Additionally, Product Roadmaps can be created and managed in conjunction with Product/Project managers to help organize the product’s longer term visions and/or to manage changes in production direction.


Using top-notch engineering expertise and experienced project planning we craft your vision into a reality.

Our seasoned agile practices, 20+ years experience in capital markets, broad range of technical capabilities and commitment to industry-standard open source software are just some of the reasons that make Connamara a go-to team for software development operations.

We prefer to build solid, efficient applications with incredible attention to the parts you don’t see, but that dedication also allows us to provide a faster UI which is the foundation of a good user experience.

Application Types
  • iOs and Mobile Engineering
  • Browser-based, responsive applications
  • Client-server
  • EMS/OMS, Back-office, terminal
Capital Markets Specialties
  • Exchange technologies
  • Trading Platforms
  • Automated
  • Manual
  • All Asset Classes
  • Risk Management Systems
  • API and Systems Integration
  • Market Data Connectivity
  • Order Routing Connectivity
  • Order Routing and management systems
  • Contributing to Open Source
  • Support Contracts
  • CFTC DCM Application
  • Consulting
  • Support
  • FIX Protocol
  • Connectivity
  • Certification
  • QuickFIX Integrations
  • QuickFIX

The talent range here is broad - we offer a selection of our main services below but please feel free to ask if you do not see something specifically listed.


We’re here for the long haul, after all, we know that truly great software gets better over time through time-tested as well as user-inspired updates.

This is where most “UX” and software development offerings dry up. Not us, we help make applications mature by using your consumer insights and the ux planning process to organize and make improvements to applications consistently while in production to improve the product and keep customers happy.

  • Scaling Applications
  • Prototyping and testing prospective updates
  • Coding application updates

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