Risk Tools

Risk Tools as defined in capital markets covers a wide area of software application designed to quantify and identify the risk in a portfolio. The application can be as simple as aggregating open positions across various asset classes and trading venues to providing sophisticated analytics of risks and supplying a “what if” analysis.

Examples of our work

Connamara has created risk platforms for proprietary trading firms. Typically, these firms have many traders, using many different trading platforms, trading many asset classes across many exchanges. The risk platforms that Connamara has delivered, allow risk manager to view the open positions and P&L of their traders and “roll-up” those positions and P&L into different reporting levels (trader, desk, firm for example). And as you know, we are Connamara so this is always accomplished in real-time and distributed across the enterprise of the firm.

Connamara has also created a risk platform platform for Rosenthal Collins Group.  RCG RiskHunter(sm) is based on Complex Event Processing (CEP) technology. RCG RiskHunter(sm) is designed to “hunt” out and highlight any trading pattern or behavior that deviates from a client’s or trader’s historical behavior. The advanced technology enables RCG to highlight prospective risk issues in real time across exchanges, products and the 24-hour trading day to allow for rapid response and amelioration if needed.