QuickFIX/n Release 1.6.0

Release Notes:

Hello QuickFIXn users,

Here are a couple of announcements from the QuickFIXn team at Connamara Systems.

QuickFIXn 1.6.0 Released

We have just released QuickFIXn 1.6.0.  

Please help us by testing your QuickFIXn applications with the new release and report any problems using the project’s issue tracker:


You can download the binary from the usual place:


And the source can be found on Github at tag v1.6.0:


To find out what has changed in QuickFIXn 1.6.0, read the release notes:


Documentation can be found at


Our goal is to get a release of QuickFIXn at least once a quarter.



Going forward, contributions to QuickFIXn will require a signed Contributor License Agreement (CLA).  We have put this in place to protect the community and your rights as a code contributor. To make this process as painless as possible, we are leveraging CLA Assistant (https://cla-assistant.io/) to integrate the CLA signature process with the existing GitHub PR workflow.  If you currently have an open PR and have not signed the CLA, please re-visit your PR and click through to CLA Assistant.

Automated Builds

The QuickFIXn project now uses the continuous integration service AppVeyor (http://www.appveyor.com/) to maintain code quality of master.  All new PRs must successfully pass an AppVeyor build before being merged into master.  This process is completely automated and integrated with the GitHub PR workflow.


Connamara offers commercial support for developers who are integrating any of the QuickFIX implementations (C++, Java, .NET). The support is offered in 10-hour bundles and grants developers access, via telephone or email, to the team that created QuickFIX/n and are maintainers of QuickFIX.

In addition to offering QuickFIX support, Connamara delivers Made-To-Measure Trading Solutions by bridging the gap between buy and build. By using internally developed trading platform components, Connamara delivers the best of off-the-shelf ISV solutions and custom application development. Coupled Connamara’s unique licensing model, trading firms can get the best of both build and buy.  See our website for details (https://www.connamara.com/).


Also, we’re hiring!  Connamara is always looking for highly skilled, agile engineers to join our team.  Check out our careers page for details (https://www.connamara.com/careers/).

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