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January 12th,2021
FIX Trading Community appoints Jim Downs to GTC Governance Board

Connamara Systems is pleased to announce Jim Downs, Founder and CEO, has been appointed to the Global Technical Committee Governance Board (GTC) of the FIX Trading Community. The FIX Trading Community is responsible for maintaining the FIX Protocol that is the standard for electronic communication in capital markets. The GTC Governance Board reviews and approves
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August 10th,2020
Eris Innovations Migrates to AWS and Achieves Reliable Data Delivery and up to 50% Savings by Leveraging Connamara Systems and Real-Time Data from Bloomberg

Executive Summary By migrating its virtual machines (VMs) from a locally-hosted data center to Amazon Web Services (AWS), Eris Innovations (Eris) increased platform availability and reduced monthly costs. Eris worked with its software solutions provider, Connamara Systems, and data offering provider, Bloomberg, to successfully migrate their platform. The new platform was completed in less than
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July 2nd,2020
COVID-19 boosts RFQ demand – Connamara CEO

By Wendy Lisney The closure of trading floors amid COVID-19 has boosted demand for request for quote (RFQ) functionality to replicate the floor experience, Chicago tech firm Connamara has said. “The floor was essentially an RFQ model for complex strategies and products, be it options strategies or swaps or strips,” Jim Downs, Connamara’s chief executive
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March 2nd,2020
Why Financial-Market Pioneer Richard Sandor Is Building “the Most Boring Benchmark in America”

A conversation with the creator of AMERIBOR about interest-rate benchmarks in a post-LIBOR world. When you talk to Richard Sandor about his history as a serial entrepreneur in financial markets, it cannot be a short conversation. Over the past half century, Sandor has been prescient and present at key moments in the creation and evolution of
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