Connamara Systems Launches New Matching Engine Technology Platform, EP3

CHICAGO, IL, & BOCA RATON, FL Connamara Systems, a leading provider of exchange matching engine technology, today announced that its EP3 (Exchange Platform 3) technology is live and available. Deployable in a private, public, or hybrid-cloud approach, EP3 enhances performance for small-to-midsize exchanges across a wide range of asset classes, both regulated and non-regulated, providing price transparency and improved liquidity.

EP3 is a ground-up rebuild of Connamara’s highly regarded exchange platform. It offers exceptional speed and reliability that meet the needs of the most demanding marketplaces. It scales on the fly, allowing exchanges to address rapid growth in order flow. Importantly, it is also self-healing. If a matching engine within the exchange fails, order flow is automatically rebalanced across the remaining engines to ensure that the exchange remains available.

The platform is built on a microservice-based architecture that leverages the latest in application containerization and orchestration technologies. This approach simplifies the installation and setup process and allows an exchange to run 24/7 with virtually no downtime. Clients can construct custom applications that interact with EP3 foundation services and data through the EP3 foundation APIs. These APIs are available in virtually any popular programming language.

“EP3 is the result of 11 years of evolving our platform and learning from working with a variety of exchanges and markets,” said Jim Downs, CEO of Connamara Systems. “Our mission is to make sure technology is not a barrier to entry for any company looking to disrupt and innovate markets, and we built EP3 to be powerful and flexible enough to give any exchange the exact type of technology it needs.”

EP3 is available with flexible pricing structures and deployment models to address the unique needs and resources of each client. To learn more about EP3 and Connamara’s service offerings, please visit the company’s website or email Daniel Curry, head of Business Development at Connamara, at


About Connamara Systems, LLC

For over 21 years, Connamara has been fulfilling the business needs of capital markets clients by combining certainty of delivery with the highest possible quality. With unparalleled responsiveness to client needs, Connamara has engineered matching engines, trading platforms, risk systems, execution and order management systems, trading user interfaces and dashboards for exchanges, brokerages, fund managers, market makers, and proprietary traders. Its clients include innovative new marketplaces as well as leading global exchanges who rely on Connamara for the breadth of its domain knowledge and engineering expertise in market structure, trading, and system design. Connamara’s latest version of its platform, EP3, was released in February 2019. Built from the ground up utilizing Connamara’s best practices for design, testing, configuration, and deployment, EP3 offers extraordinary speed, resiliency, scalability, and self-healing.


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