Connamara Quarterly - Fall 2019

Thoughts from our CEO

Recently we have added User Experience (UX) Designers to our software engineering teams at Connamara. This step was made partially to improve the aesthetics of the user interfaces we build for our clients, but also, for certain projects, to provide a means for visually representing the user story of the feature under consideration. 

Connamara also prides itself on our agile approach to delivering software. We recognize the fact that not all requirements for any software project can be known upfront. We also acknowledge that requirements will change during the course of a project. Thus, our development process is designed for these two absolutes. 

However, I’ve learned recently that UX design doesn’t always fit neatly into agile development. Unlike agile approaches, UX design processes attempt to capture every requirement upfront and “lock down” the design with pixel perfect precision. Having learned this, I am now starting the process of self-education and research to design an approach for Connamara that includes the UX designer as an integrated member of a cross-functional agile team. I want to take the best of what UX design has to offer and integrate it into our agile process.

I plan on writing more on this topic in coming months as I work through this challenge. In the meantime, if anyone reading this would like to share their ideas or experiences in integrating UX design into an agile development process, please feel free to reach out. I’d enjoy hearing your thoughts.

— Jim Downs

Industry Insights

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In The News

Articles to reflect upon

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Connamara Systems Selected by MaterialsXchange as its Matching Engine Technology Provider
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The new exchange will be built using Connamara’s Exchange Platform 3 (EP3) solution CHICAGO, IL, September 16, 2019 -- Connamara Systems, a leading provider of exchange matching engine technology, today announced that it has been retained by MaterialsXchange, a startup aiming to create a digital marketplace for raw materials industries.…
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I'm the Chief Client Officer at Connamara Systems. My responsibilities include managing a cross-functional team providing post-delivery services to clients, maintenance of open source projects, servicing support contracts and information security policies and procedures. All of this is to align the fulfillment of the Connamara mission and strive to create and maintain a consistent, repeatable, and scalable customer experience.


I'm always excited to work with entrepreneurs to help them succeed. It's what makes working at Connamara so rewarding. We get to see an idea go from pen and paper to actual implementation.