Printing output in cucumber’s after scenario hook

While enjoying the facets of Ruby and BDD with cucumber, you might come across a puzzling issue. There is a quirk with hooking after a scenario which may leave you wondering if your hook was even executed at all.... More

The Connamara Client Engagement Philosophy – Part 3

For an organization like Connamara, one that delivers custom software solutions for capital markets, project selection is of key importance. Through the nearly two decades of operating Connamara, I have landed on a philosophy of project selection and client engagement that tries to tip the balance away from   projects that go sideways to those... Read more »... More

The Connamara Client Engagement Philosophy – Part 2

In a previous blog post, I described my philosophy for client engagement that has evolved since founding, growing, and running Connamara Systems. I will further expand my thinking behind each of these tenets in a series of short posts. In this post, I expand on determining the possibility of success for an opportunity.   Philosophy... Read more »... More

Connamara – Is not a Consulting Firm

Over the years, when asked about Connamara, I have typically described our company as "a software consulting firm specializing in Financial Technology". Finally, after fifteen years of getting it wrong, I got it right.... More